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Staff Accountant

Posted: 04/30/2023

This position is responsible for compiling reports for all agency revenue through close coordination with programming staff, fundraising staff, and peer accounting staff. The agency has numerous revenue sources, third-party insurance billings, government grants, private donations, multi-year pledges, and programming fees for service. This position is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and implementation of import entries from all revenue to the accounting software (MIP). The position reports to the Chief Financial Officer and must be able to manage strict deadlines through coordination with other staff. Familiarization with all revenue sources for the agency is necessary. This position will access multiple software platforms that are utilized throughout the agency, to obtain revenue information. While an accounting degree is not required, a knowledge of strong knowledge of accounting is necessary. Strong Excel skills are needed. Job Duties & Responsibilities: Process all incoming revenue for the agency into the accounting system utilizing electronic data imports Responsible for reviewing & ensuring accuracy of all coding for revenue entries Communicate with program staff as necessary to become fully familiar with various revenue sources and how the revenue needs to be coded Record multi-year pledges, apply payments as they are made, and reconcile open balances monthly with the agency’s fundraising database Responsible for preparing the agency’s monthly government grant reimbursement billings, posting to the general ledger, and reconciling balances monthly. This will require coordination with Reporting Specialist to control allowable entries under the agency’s grants Become knowledgeable on the agency’s approved budget as well as restricted grant budgets Complete all revenue entries to MIP and support the CFO on projects related to agency revenue as well as other general accounting department projects Make recommendations as necessary for changes or improvements to all applicable accounting processes Compile revenue data and create appropriate accounting entries generated from all agency sources Prepare entry documents, confirm coding and conduct research as necessary. Ensure the accurate and timely entry or import of revenue data into the accounting system Implement corrections as identified and approved by Chief Financial Officer Complete monthly grant billings based on verified expenditure reports. Track contract billings and remaining balances Accrue receivables for grants and reconcile all balances monthly Accrue multi-year pledges, apply payments as they occur, and reconcile balances monthly Become familiar with agency’s electronic medical records software Learn the components of medical billings that are completed by third-party service so accurate accruals can be made each month to reflect medical billings Implement monthly accounting entries for accounts receivable from numerous sources, and be able to reconcile and verify outstanding receivable balances Support other accounting staff through cross-training Complete additional tasks as assigned by CFO or Accounting Processes Manager Job Requirements & Qualifications: Experience can be accepted in lieu of a college degree; however, you must have successfully worked in a previous accounting position. Experience working in a small accounting staff & being part of an interactive team Revenue accounting experience preferred but not required Experience or understanding of third-party insurance billing is beneficial, but not required Ability to learn new software systems and electronic accounting procedures Non-profit accounting experience is helpful, but not required Proven organization and prioritization skills are necessary Ability to work independently and to research information necessary to complete the job tasks Strong Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office applications are mandatory Must be highly detail-oriented with strong analytical skills The accounting department follows a strict monthly closing deadline. Time management skills with an ability to meet deadlines is a must. Effective communication skills with an ability to represent a high level of professionalism in the accounting department, is important Must be comfortable working within a diverse workplace environment Willingness to accept and complete special assignments while maintaining deadline priorities within the department.

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