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Edward Jones | Mason G. Williams, CFP®

Edward Jones | Mason G. Williams, CFP®


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About Us

I am a Financial Advisor helping clients clarify the key life planning issues they need to consider both today and tomorrow. I provide insight based experience, my team of experts, and a deep, human understanding of my client's personal and professional situation.

As a third generation financial advisor, I have seen both the benefits of proper planning across a full set of needs, and the painful costs of the common, singular-focused, product-led advice. Our process recognizes that the needs of our clients change throughout the arc of their lives. It also recognizes that as complexity and noise increases, we must evolve from strictly investment management to an integrated, compressive approach.

Using a human-based verses money-based approach, we start with a concrete understanding of what is most important to our client. We focus on life needs, concerns, opportunities, and goals, all of which drive the plan we co-create. We have an established and proven process from discovery through strategy, implementation and review; that goes far beyond money.

It my mission to relentlessly help my clients pursue their important needs:

-Enjoying and protecting lifestyle.
-Helping and protecting family.
-Planning ahead for the expected and unexpected.
-Creating a sense of financial comfort.

Simply, my value to my clients comes from our mutual understanding of their life as a person, not a portfolio.

I believe passionately that the approach, process, and guidance we advocate can change lives and help clients achieve better outcomes.


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  • Wealth Enhancement
  • Wealth Protection
  • Portfolio Strategy


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